5 Most Important Things to Check

1. Listen for a high pitched squeal that will indicate your brake pads need changing. In addition, listen for a harsh grinding sound as this means your brake pads have been completely worn through and the metal of the calipers is grinding against your rotors.

2. If your car wants to make right or left turns while driving or braking this can indicate a problem with your braking system. However, pulling doesn’t always indicate a problem with your brakes, so be sure to have a professional check
it out.

3. If your brake pedal pulses under normal circumstances, you could have a problem. Generally, a vibrating brake pedal indicates warped rotors. If you haven’t stressed your brakes recently, but still feel a vibration in the pedal, it’s best to see a mechanic for a diagnosis.

4. A spongy pedal that practically reaches the floor could mean you have a problem with the hydraulic system or worn out brake pads. The opposite of a spongy pedal is one that causes the brakes to grab immediately at the slightest touch.

5. If your vehicle is taking longer to stop than normal, you’re experiencing brake fade. Riding the brakes will heat up the pads and rotors, making them less responsive. Another component of brake fade is a burning odor when you hit the brakes; if your brakes are smoking, you are burning the brake pads. Overheated pads develop a glaze on the surface that is slick and your braking performance will be greatly decreased.

Brake Caliper and Pad Slider Service
Free up pads and caliper in order to extend the life and wear of you brake pads are rotors. Will save you money down the road. Most vehicles.

Your vehicle's brakes are one of its most important features. Making sure the brakes are in working order assures a greater level of safety for operating your vehicle. Faulty brakes can lead to accidents for yourself, and other drivers. At Browncroft Auto Service Center we can check, replace, and fix your brakes for safer driving in Rochester, NY. 

Spongy brakes, or brakes that are resistant to pressure need to be assessed by a professional. Brake pads and calipers can wear down and need to be replaced. Other issues could include problems with the brake lines, hardware issues, problems with the anti-locking brake system, and more. Our professional mechanics can replace your brake pads at Browncroft Auto Service Center in Rochester, NY.


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