Differential Fluid Change


Remove and flush differential fluid in order to extend the life of gears and clutches.

Most vehicles. Does not include the new Fluid price.

Cooling System Service


Flush your engine cooling system to protect it from damage and get rid of deposits that have built up over time. Includes one gallon of coolant.

Serpentine/Accessory Drive Belt Inspection


​We can look at your serpentine or accessory drive belt and make a decision if it needs replacement or not at no cost to you.

Brake Fluid Change


Remove old saturated brake fluid in order to extend the life of the brake system.

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Engine Service

The health of your vehicle's engine is so important! Let us take a look at it today.

 Transmission Fluid Service


Drain and flush transmission fluid in order to remove burnt, or old worn down transmission fluid. Does not include fluid or filter if replaceable.