Tire Rotation
Rotating your tires will increase tire life and reduce
​uneven wear with your tires.

Alignment means your tires are straight and in line with the rest of your car while being parallel with each other. When the wheels are not aligned properly there is an uneven pressure on the tires and more friction or resistance from the surface of the road. When you align the wheel’s properly there will be less resistance from the road which in turn creates a smoother drive. Optimize the use of your tires by having them maintained by professionals at Browncroft Auto Service Center in Rochester, NY.

Watch to see if your car is pulling in one direction or another. If this is the case, there may be a problem. When your car is out of alignment, tires wear down faster and it becomes physically harder to drive your car when the wheels don’t go where they’re supposed to.

Wheel Alignment
Adjust the position of your wheels so they are aligned and parallel to each other. This will increase the life of your tires. Most Vehicles.

Tire Puncture Repair
A flat tire can usually be repaired. We'll be happy to get you
​up and rolling again.

FREE Tire Rotations & Tire Repairs. With purchase of 4 tires.


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